Speaking of Dummies DVD – $20

Taped live in front of an audience of over 1,000 fans, Ryan & Friends takes you on a comedy ride of your life! Filled with laughs, tears, and touching stories, this DVD is a must-have for any comedy fan. It includes Jeffrey taking on a giant, the parody of “Favorite Things”, and the hilarious human dummies. Plus, Jeffrey spills the dirt on working with Ryan and much more. Special bonus footage includes performances segments with Ryan’s comedy friends’ Tim Lovelace and Aaron Wilburn. Recommended for ages 1 to 101 (and even people older than that too).

Approximate Running Time 80 minutes including extras.

Keeping My Mouth Shut DVD- $20

Join the Ryan and all of his hilarious friends for a zany time of laughter. Meet Jeffrey, the eight year old self proclaimed star of the show. There’s Harold & Irene, a sweet old couple in the 50th year of marriage. Also joining them is Tiffany, a blonde chick a bit more ‘bling’ than brains as well as Ardy the southern skunk and Dewey Armstrong, the younger brother of Lousy! Get ready to laugh at life as the gang discusses topics ranging from mall shopping, old age, ‘hitting a cat’… and Jeffrey announces he’s running for Congress! Plus… the gang heads into the studio to put on their first (and last) news broadcast! The DVD also includes the outrageously funny music videos “Back in the old Folks Home” and “Terrible World.”

Approximate Running Time 60 minutes.

Needing to Vent DVD – $20

Ever wanted to say what’s on your mind and get away with it?

Ever wanted to talk in class?

Ever wondered what it would be like to be a ventriloquist?

Well, you’re in luck! Join Ryan & Jeffrey as they give you the secrets of ventriloquism with some hilarious results! Packed with humorous teaching, useful tips and crazy antics, this DVD is perfect for anyone who’s ever wanted to know … how does he do that?!?

Along the way, Ryan shares tips about finding the perfect ‘dummy’ while Jeffrey has some advice for dummies everywhere about how to pick a good ventriloquist! Plus, the entire cast star in a new reality show called ‘Idle Americans’, Jeffrey plays a game show called ‘Who wants to be a Ventriloquist”, and much more! DVD features cameos from 7 of Ryan’s characters. Get ready to laugh (and hopefully learn something too!)

Approximate Running Time 60 minutes including extras.

What Was I Thinkin’ CD – $15

Ryan & Friends’ newest CD features 12 funny songs plus some new comedy! Songs include: What Was I Thinkin’, When I’m Hauling Manure, Anything You Can Do, Favorite Things, I’ve Been Everywhere, Can You Take A Bath Tonight, What A Terrible World, Sweet Violets, Do You Remember? Back In The Old Folks Home, Old McDonald Had A Deformed Farm, Wherever We Go
Audio CD Running Time: 41 minutes

Laughing Outside the Box CD – $15

“Ryan & Friends” comedy has earned them fans from coast to coast ranging from CEO’s to senior citizens. For this special project only, they focus on another group of their fans… Kids! For the young and young at heart, listen as Ryan and Jeffrey tell classic Bible stories with some hilarious results! Plus, listen as we go behind the scenes to discover some questions about Ryan & Friends that you’ve always wanted to know!

Audio CD Running Time: 30 minutes

Combo: Speaking of Dummies + Keeping My Mouth Shut + Laughing Outside the Box CD – $50